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Faith-Focused Authors & Speakers Who Inspire!

In need of a Christian inspirational speaker? In need of someone to speak at an event or your church, virtual or in person? Allow us to share one of the many inspirational messages the Lord has given us and share our testimonies as well. Discover how the Lord delivered us and healed our hearts.  I lost my son and lived through abuse and in the process God filled my heart with words to write for His glory.  DL has lived with daily migraines 24/7 for 11 years and lost his first marriage because of it.  It was his migraines that God used to turn him from Atheism to a child of God which brought us together.

You can go from losing everything to a blessed and purpose filled life giving glory to God the Father! 

Your New Life Ministries is about ministering the love of God.   We do this through devotions online, podcasts, public speaking and writing.  We also  minister through the books we have written, through speaking events and homeless outreach. 

We are devoted to being the hands, feet, voice and heart of Jesus Christ to all those in need of receiving His love, His wisdom and truth that brings freedom, healing or encouragement.


Thank you! Sandra Smith & D.L. Weatherford


Sandra (Lott) Smith

Sandra weaves her own experiences of living in a home filled with alcohol and drug addiction and the loss of her youngest son into every speaking topic. She has experienced loss, despair, hopelessness, fear, insecurity and anger and has overcome!


You can feel her sincerity and passion for the Lord when she speaks. She has learned to trust God through the hard times and to let go and allow him to move in her life in order to feel his complete joy and peace. God has delivered her from past heartache to writing nearly 30 Christian books for adult and children!

Some of the Places Sandra has Spoken or Preached at Are:

Shearer Hills Baptist Church San Antonio TX
Life Connection Church Round Rock TX Women's Ministry
Life Connection Church Round Rock TX Celebrate Recovery-Several Times
Classy Ladies Ministry hosted by Lucy Herrera
Travis County Correctional Complex Women's Prison Del Valle TX
Adult & Teen Challenge of TX Thrive Girls Academy- Preached Several Times
First Shiloh Baptist Church in Thrall TX


D.L. Weatherford

I share my personal testimony about dealing with chronic pain.  I had a wife that didn't believe me and left while learning to want to live as well as learning how to handle it and live day to day.  By God's grace He found me and taught me how to live with it and how to inspire others in the process.

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