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Our Story...

Beauty Out of Darkness


Our story is one born out of the darkness of the trials both Donnie & I went through individually, not even realizing that the trials we suffered through would eventually lead us to each other.  This is a story that will truly encourage your listeners to have hope. Restoration can come, do not give up. 


We were both married before, then life hit for both of us. 


For me, I was married to someone who was a good husband and father until drugs and alcohol took its toll.  He became addicted and the rages that came from the withdrawals caused continual drama in our home.  We separated several times and got back together.  Myself and my two sons became were filled with fear, so deep that we did not even realize the damage.  Not only that, I felt hopeless of a life of happiness and peace, worthless and as if I did not have a voice.  Every time I voiced the hurt, he was causing us, another fight would break out.  Through it all, my youngest son died in a car accident and the abuse suffered took its toll on my oldest son.  Though he has a heart that is very loving, and he longs to feel loved, his depression continually takes over and he has had ongoing issues with drug addiction.  My husband & I finally divorced, I felt as if I was losing my identity and though I do not believe in divorce, I had no choice.  I could not take it any longer.   


Time and allowing the Lord to heal my heart, He gave me my voice back and I just published the 27th book I have written!  God truly is good and has turned my life around. 


Donnie was happily married as well and then out of no where woke up one morning at 3AM with a migraine from hell.  It has lasted him for 8 years and he has it every day, all day.  He lost everything due to it.  The pain level varies from a scale of 1 to 10.  Sometimes it is 6 or 7 and with the Lord’s help he has learned to live an almost normal life.  Other times, it is a pain level 15.  He lost his job because on those bad days, they come without warning and cannot work. He went through a battery of tests from the doctor until they told him he had NDPH.  New Daily Persistent Headaches with migraines.  


 His wife did not believe him and left, taking everything.  He felt hopeless and wanted to die.  But the Lord was not done with him.  Through a series of events, starting with his grandma having a sit down with him and telling him straight, he began seeing nuggets from the Lord until he finally gave his heart to Him.  It was after receiving the Lord, that he was inspired to tell his story. 


This is where we meet.  Upon finishing his story, he sought out a publisher.  He found our now same publisher, Pen It Publications.  He wanted to know more about the publisher so sought out one of their authors, me.  He said it was love at first sight and had to contact me. 


It started out as friendship, and from across the miles. His home was in Florida and mine in Texas.  The miles did not stop the connection we felt.  Time passed and he could not stay away.  We were just married November 16. 2019.  He just published his second book. 


Restoration does happen, you just need to keep going, and not give up.  Now we are both public speakers and published authors and own an online bookstore and in the process of trying to open up a physical location. 

Sandra Lott & D.L. Weatherford

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