Sandra Lott

Author, Speaker, Motivator


I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and have one sister and two brothers. I am the author of Ride the Wind, God's Love, My Father's Eyes: Seeing Yourself through the Father's Eyes, A Princess in Waiting, and children's such as, The Wind has a Voice and How Did He Get in There?


Through a rocky marriage filled with alcoholism and drug addiction, the loss of my sixteen-year-old son and my older son's emotional issues, I was led to the loving arms of God the Father and His saving grace through our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has been my guide and my Comforter. As God held my heart in His hands through all of that, His love healed my broken heart.


My passion for the Lord has grown through all He has delivered me from, and by what He did for me by His death on the cross. That same passion has led me to write 19 books to date, adult and children, all to help people understand His overwhelming love.


I have taught Children's Sunday school, Bible Studies and am actively serving in my home church on the Prayer Ministry Team, the Celebrate Recovery Ministry and Homeless Outreach Program. Due to our limited thinking, because of our humanity, we cannot truly fathom how great and how deep and how wide God’s love for mankind truly is; but all we have to do is look at the cross and that should give us a glimpse.


My desire and passion is to continue to help spread the knowledge of His love as well as help hurting women discover the princess in Christ that they truly are, overcome abuse and discover their destiny in Christ!

Inspirational Moments with Sandra