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In The Garden With Jesus is a fictional story that is also a devotion.  Have you ever wanted to be able to sit and talk with Jesus?


Jennifer meets with Jesus every day in her favorite garden park.  It is peaceful and beautiful!  It is filled with beautiful flowers of pink, purple, and flowering trees just as beautiful.


Jennifer is a Christian, but when her sister betrays her, it is more than she can bear.  Overwhelmed with emotion and unable to deal with it, she comes to her favorite park.


It is there that Jesus shows up on the park bench right beside her!  He ministers to her all week long. 


Imagine yourself in her place right beside Jesus; what would you ask Him and would His teaching and unconditional love help you to forgive if you were in Jennifer’s place?


Read to find out what Jennifer does in the end and make notes for yourself on the pages in the back of each chapter.

In The Garden With Jesus

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