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 At her favorite place in the park Grace cries out after discovering what her father had done to her and at that moment, she just needed to be held. “Why, why daddy! Why did you hurt me like that! Why! I want to hate you, but I can’t! Why did you do that to me! Why, why, why did you do it? Oh, Lord, I know I need to let go and forgive. I understand what it means to forgive that it is releasing me from the hold of my abusers. I do get it, Father, that as long as I hold on to bitterness and resentment and do not forgive the ones that hurt me, they are still controlling and hurting me. They are hurting me by the pain and anger that I will not release, but I am so angry! Show me how and help me. I just can’t right now because I am so angry. Please help me.” Grace sat there and cried and cried, and she did not even see Christine, the kindly little old lady walk up and sit beside her. Christine sat there beside her and just held her, as if she knew what Grace was crying about. She just sat there and held her. That is what Grace needed; she just needed to be held and to be loved; unconditional love. She needed love to push all the pain and anger she felt away. Ride the Wind is a story of how Grace Thompson finally discovers how to trust God. Through the abuse she suffered in her childhood and storm ridden marriage to an alcoholic abusive husband, Grace comes to the end of herself with all hope lost in having any kind of life of freedom from abuse and with the help of her younger sister she finally cries out to God. In looking to God for one more chance at having a life of happiness she discovers how to trust God and Ride the Wind of His love. 

Ride the Wind

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