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Tim & Gerald Ray is a series of Christian Children's books that answer many questions that children may have about God and Why? The Wind Has a Voice is book 1 in the series. THE WIND HAS A VOICE: The wind was blowing gently, but enough to stir the leaves on the ground. It was a sunny day with a few fluffy white clouds scattered through the sky. Gerald Ray and Timmy were walking through the park. They had just finished playing ball with their friends and were on their way home. But they were not quite ready to go home. The two brothers decided to sit by the small pond and skip stones across the water. “Wow! That was a good one!” Gerald Ray shouted! “Timmy was always good at skipping stones,” he thought to himself. Have you ever wondered how God talks to you or parents have you ever wondered how to explain to your children how God talks to you? Well, discover the answer inside The Wind Has A Voice! This is an exciting story about 2 young boys wondering the same thing. Take an adventure reading this story about Timmy and Gerald Ray visiting their favorite fishing hole and asking each other just how does God talk to you? As they explore that question and discover the answer it will help you to understand it or help you as parents to explain it to your children. Enjoy the adventure!

Tim & Gerald Ray: The Wind Has a Voice: Book 1

SKU: 978-1548100162
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