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A Christmas Miracle

We all get carried away by the day to day issues and problems that arise and the busyness of life. We want our prayers answered quickly but do you ever stop to thank God for what He has already done for us?

Read the poem below and take some time to thank God!


Is there a miracle in store for you? Just take a look around and see the beauty of the world. It’s there for all to see.

There are trees big and small and flowers of every color. There are mountains standing high; some are rocky with a beauty all their own and some are covered with a diversity of trees, with leaves of different sizes and just as beautiful when blowing in the breeze.

There are springs of water everywhere, some flow into rivers, some into lakes and still others into the sea which flows into the oceans wide and deep.

Is there a miracle in store for you? The beauty of the world in which God created is a miracle in itself. But if that is not enough; take a breath. The air that you breathe and the ability to breathe in itself is a miracle from God.

Look into the eyes of a newborn baby and you will see the miracle of birth and life in which God has given to you and me.

Is there a miracle in store for you? From the creation of the world to the breath of life given to each of us, God gives a miracle every day.

Yet, He gave us another miracle in the birth of Jesus Christ.

The miracle He gave us in Him is the gift of eternal life.

This gift is for free and it is for all who will believe and receive.

This is the greatest miracle of all!

Have a merry Christmas!

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